Project Description

Efficient customer support is possible due to the chatbot Betty.

Tobii: With efficient customer support comes customer satisfaction

Tobii, the world-leader in eye-tracking technology, is now assisted by Betty McBotface, their new automated customer support representative. Betty has been developed together with BotXO.

Key Takeaways

  • Combine Quick Reply buttons and freeform text to make it easy to converse.

  • Implementation time: From kick-off to launch: 2 weeks

  • 43% of all tickets solved without humans involved

  • The bot handles far more tickets than all human agents combined 

  • Increased employee happiness because they can focus on less repetitive tasks

Tobii – an organisation in exponentiel growth

Tobii was founded in 2001 by Swedish entrepreneurs. Their ambition was to change industries and lives with the use of eye-tracking technology that can “see” their users and adapt to their natural human behavior. The company is specialized in making devices that can study the presence, attention and focus of their users. Those insights become valuable for understanding what affects their users’ behavior, decision-making and emotions, which is then used to innovate interfaces for regular consumer devices as well as devices for people who are unable to speak or use their hands. 

In just under 20 years, the company has grown exponentially. Today, Tobii is represented by more than 1000 employees in 70 countries and consists of 3 business units. Tobii is the world’s leading supplier of assistive technology for communication (Tobii Dynavox), eye-tracking solutions for understanding human behavior (Tobii Pro) and eye-tracking technology for integration into consumer electronics and other volume products (Tobii Tech). 

A rising need for more efficient customer support

With Tobii’s rapid growth, Tobii has become a global supplier of eye-tracking solutions and technology. This meant that there was an increased need to scale with the customers. Therefore, Darren Hua, Technical Support Engineer and Customer Insights Specialist at Tobii, was looking for a solution for his customer support team. The team were in desparete need of some assistance with handling the growing amount of customer inquiries.   

Tobii’s agents were overloaded with customer requests, including attached tickets with log files. The handling time for those requests was getting too long for Tobii’s standards, and slow answers in the chat channel started worsening the overall customer experiences. This was one of the pain points for Tobii, and the reason for contacting BotXO. Therefore, in order for Tobii to scale and to help their own customer support team, they needed to find a solution to provide more efficient service. 

Customer stories_Tobii

After Darren participated in BotXO’s onboarding, and became a certified bot operator, he was able to design and build the first bot in just 2 weeks. Darren proudly named her Betty McBotface.  

If Tobii’s eye-tracking devices understand users through their attention and gaze point, then Betty, the bot, was designed to learn from customers’ language. The way Betty works is that her database stores information and analyses data logs that allow for the creation of different spot-on answer modules. Betty was tested internally with other employees at Tobii before launching. This was of key importance for Darren, to make sure that everyone perceived the bot as a great tool to help them, instead of a replacement. 

“Tobii’s chatbot Betty handles far more tickets than all human agents combined.” Darren Hua, Technical Support Engineer at Tobii

Good results with the chatbot Betty

Just four months after Betty was launched, some of the goals were already reached. The technical support team at Tobii is pleased that finally, their chat channel has become very active. Involving Betty has given Tobiians more free time since the bot has solved independently around 40% of all customer support cases (incl. all attached tickets with log files) without any human involvement. 

Instead of messaging back and forth, the customers are now provided with very clear one touch resolutions. Faster response time thanks to Betty the bot has helped Tobii increase the efficiency of customer service, which is a key element to enhance customer satisfaction.  

After spending some time building the first version of Betty, Darren has enthusiastically participated in her maintenance and hyper care after launching, to improve her scope and performance. 

Darren was thrilled to see that interactions between Tobii’s customers and Betty have made scaling with users a very real possibility rather than a tough goal to reach. The conversations that take place in the chat channel enable Betty to become increasingly more intelligent and responsive. This in turn helps the company to serve more customers while keeping their ambition to create humanized, intuitive technology as high as when they started.

Written by Iren Asandi.

Designed by Iliknur Hyusnyueva.

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