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Hamsto has built a data-driven chatbot that functions as a middle link between private customers and businesses that rent out space. The image shows a big empty storage hall.

Hamsto builds a data-driven chatbot

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The team behind Hamsto has with BotXO’s chatbot technology built the data-driven chatbot, Hamsto. It functions as the middle link between private customers and businesses renting out space.

At Hamsto,  they see themselves as a first-mover when it comes to platforms dealing with shared-economy. They make it possible for private people to rent out or to rent space for storage or rental of parking spaces for cars, boats or motorcycles.

The chatbot Hamsto is a customer service chatbot. It intends to help the users with everything from sign-up on the platform and questions regarding tax, insurance, and payment.


The chatbot guides the customer through the customer journey

Picture of Brian Tange CEO Hamsto

Brian Tange CEO hos Hamsto

It’s vital to Brian Tange, CEO at, to integrate the entire customer journey on the platform. That way their customer service is available when the users need support and service. Therefore, it makes sense with the chatbot Hamsto, as it is available to support 24/7.

“The customers often spend their evenings looking for extra space for storage or spend their time signing up to rent out the extra square meters that they currently have. As a start-up company, we have chosen to invest in consistent and constant customer service that works, and that is available when our customers need support and service.” Says Brian Tange, CEO at

“That’s exactly what a chatbot is good at – providing consistent answers around the clock all day, all year.” Says Brian Tange, CEO at

“In addition to consistent customer service, the chatbot gives us a competitive advantage, as the platform can provide insight into our customers’ behavior and needs. Data and insights we can use later to optimize the chatbot and make our customer service even better. ” Says Brian Tange, CEO at

The data-driven approach

Henrik Fabrin CEO at BotXO

Henrik Fabrin CEO at BotXO

“It’s a pleasure to have Hamsto on board, as it is precisely the data-driven approach we advise our customers to work with,” says Henrik Fabrin, CEO at BotXO.

“Hamsto has decided to use the data-driven approach and use our chatbot platform to collect data about the user’s behavior, and that we look forward to helping them with.” says Henrik Fabrin, CEO at BotXO.

“With our data, we can help our customers optimize the customer journey both in the chatbot and on their platform. We have all the data available that allows you to supervise and monitor the behavior of the user continuously. That means that they can now use the bot for collecting qualitative data and they can use them to make their services and customer reviews even better. ” says Henrik Fabrin, CEO at BotXO.

Chatbot technology makes it a good business

This feature – data collection and analysis – by chatbot technology, is what Brian Tange has been focusing on as he developed the data-driven chatbot for their customer support:

“Of course, it’s also a good business to use chatbot technology. When we deliver a digital service, we can constantly monitor what questions and answers help our customers in the process. We will optimize the areas where we respond correctly. While, those areas that are unnecessary, will receive less attention. With the right data available, we can, therefore, develop our customer support and provide an even better service next time. At the same time, we can also use the available chat data to improve our other services – for example, we can create new landing pages that match the customer’s journey and their need for clarification. ” – says Brian Tange.

There can thus be many positive outcomes by using chatbots. To Brian Tange, one positive outcome is to become aware of which areas are worth giving priority vs. others, as this means they can provide a better service next time – and ultimately that is smart business.

User friendly platform

Hamsto developed and implemented the chatbot on BotXO’s platform. Henrik Fabrin, the CEO of BotXO, is delighted because self-service on the platform is something BotXO has been working on for an extended period.

Hamsto chatbot in use on

Hamsto chatbot in use on

We are happy with the cooperation with because it also tells us that, as a platform vendor, we have proven that our platform is very user-friendly. It proves that companies can build their chatbot without having us having to interfere. Henrik Fabrin, CEO at BotXO, says:

“It’s interesting because it’s a new customer who, without our help, has developed and set up the chatbot on our platform. I had a session with Christian Olesen, from Hamsto, for only half an hour, where I reviewed our platform, and afterward, they have themselves made the chatbot in the starter bot. It says something about how user-friendly our platform is and how fast a company can get started.”

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