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Venture Cup automated chat

How BotXO automated chat helped Venture Cup

“BotXO have assisted us in innovating our user engagement and improving our user satisfaction. They have further helped Venture Cup by saving us time in administrative tasks."

"I would recommend BotXO to anyone.
- Human Shojaee, CEO Venture Cup

Venture Cup automated chat - meet MentorBot

Venture Cup is a world-leading startup organization for university students based in Denmark. With chapters in Portugal, Iceland, China and Australia and more than 35 international partners (universities, incubators, accelerators), Venture Cup has a global network in which the mission is to identify and develop the talents and technology of tomorrow.

The Challenge

Venture Cup needed to improve the way they communicated with their users, better how they gathered data and develop an efficient way to spot problems fast and provide immediate solutions.

The Mentor Program is a service provided by Venture Cup, that matches startup founders with experienced corporate professionals, who offer their help and guidance to the startups for free. As one of the key success factors is the quality of the mentor-mentee relationship, it is vital for Venture Cup to gather continuous feedback in order to improve the service and to help solve any immediate challenges between the startups and their mentors.

However, gathering the feedback was difficult for Venture Cup. Mentors have little time to offer the program outside of the actual work they do with the startups, and therefore the response rates for the traditional survey forms sent out via email were low.

At the same time, most of the startup founders are predominantly in their twenties and do not respond well to traditional surveys.

Venture Cup staff were spending too much time on follow-up calls and emails in order to get feedback on the mentorship before they could process the data received. Therefore, Venture Cup signed up for the BotXO automated chat services and commissioned the Customer Success team to find ways to:

  • Enable quick feedback in order to solve problems here and now. 

  • Improve the user feedback rate to create larger datasets

  • Collect quality data to improve the overall Mentorship Program

  • Reduce the administrative costs of running the Mentor Program

The Approach

We created the MentorBot chatbot on our proprietary automated chat platform and designed it with the purpose of taking over the majority of the communication with the users. MentorBot automatically contacts the mentors and mentees on a regular basis and provides an easy way to give quick feedback on how the mentorship is progressing through a short conversation.

Instead of users having to download an app or access surveys sent via email, MentorBot sits in the back of the Messenger app and will only ask for the user's attention and input whenever needed.

Choosing Messenger as the communication channel was done because it enables mentors and mentees to give feedback on their individual mentorship in a conversational form, on the go and in a channel they were already using every day.

As the premis is to be able to provide feedback as easy as possible, the conversation between MentorBot and user is in the form of free text and "Quick Replies" shown as buttons, in the conversation as predefined answers to questions from the MentorBot.

The conversation evolves around providing feedback on how the mentorship is going for the mentor and mentee individually. The MentorBot uses the BotXO technology to process the conversational data on the fly and automatically identify any red flags or signs of frustration with the Mentorship Program during the conversations, and quickly notify the Venture Cup staff that this needs immediate attention. The MentorBot also uses the BotXO trigger feature to automatically follow up in case a user doesn't complete the conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook Messenger to engage users' where they already are

  • Include a persistent menu so users can easily get to what the want.

  • Combine Quick Reply buttons and freeform text to make it easy to converse.

  • Live data analysis to evaluate the users' emotional state.

  • Personalise the conversation so users feel it is a 1:1 conversation.

  • Scripted bot with learning capabilities: Make it simple to use and learn from the data without disrupting the user experience.

Conversational Tips



Frame the chatbot's purpose and help users navigate the conversations.


The Conversation

Don't have your users work hard. Make it easy to provide feedback.


Show Empathy

Let your users know their feedback matter. Call in a human when needed.

Venture Cup automated chat


Follow up on the conversation and help your users engage.

The Results

Avg. Completion Rate
Saved per month per employee
Reduced follow-up calls
End user satisfaction

The Benefits

Employee Benefits

We provided Venture Cup with an automated chat solution that won them a new employee, MentorBot and improved their methods of communicating and getting data. MentorBot as a tool cut down on administrative costs spent on the Mentorship Program by reducing unnecessary phone calls to participants and extra time spent on data collection.

The freed up time for Venture Cup employees are now being used to provide better human-to-human services which leads to an improved Mentor Program user satisfaction and to a more meaningful work-life balance for the Venture Cup staff.

End User Benefits

Within their preferred messaging app, MentorBot provides the Mentor Program users with an easy way to give feedback.

In their busy professional lives, the MentorBot is a natural and immediate way to connect with Venture Cup and to know instantly that the staff at Venture Cup is going to take care of any challenges they could having during the program.

Oh and finally, as a sign of just how engaging reporting can be when done as a conversation - we don't think anyone has ever paid compliments to an old school survey form. ?
?  (Say hello to the conversational era.)

Written by Henrik Fabrin.

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