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Why we love partnerships

We are experiencing a huge demand for our chatbot platform and Conversational AI technology, and at the same time we recognize that we are not experts in all areas.

We believe that we can scale better and offer deeper and more specialized solutions, when partnering with the right companies. That’s why we love partnerships.


Partner opportunities

Whether you are an agency, advisor, consultancy, distributor, value-added reseller, solution provider, a vendor developing your own solutions and would like to enrich it with our technology – or something totally different we haven’t figured out yet – we are open to partnerships.

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Business Advisor

As chatbots are impacting most Line of Businesses and Services in an organization, you can act as a Business Advisor.

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Digital transformation

To some customers, chatbots and the use of AI & Machine Learning will be their debut into this era. Guide your customers.

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Consultancy hours

Delivery of chatbot solutions generate consultancy hours in areas such as managed services and implementing services.

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Domain specific

You can provide your expertise to domain specific and specialized chatbot services to selected industries or verticals.

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With every customer subscription, you make as a partner, you get a kick back.

Our partner model

  • Referring partners: Partners that recommend the BotXO Chatbot Platform to customers and/or deliver content to the solution. When referring customers to BotXO, we take care of the rest.

  • Alliance partners: Strategic partnership with joint go to market activities.

  • Implementing partners: Certified partners with skills in AI and Machine Learning, that autonomously sell, implement and deploy our chatbot solutions.

  • Selling partners: Partners who stay in control of the entire sales process. We help with sales support and sales training sessions.

“BotXO has created a platform for chatbots, we can immediately use in our customer projects and focus on creating value to our customers. Therefore, BotXO is a great value driver for Delegate and our customers.”

Peter Østergaard, 

Partner & COO, Delegate.

Reasons why our partners have chosen us

  • Platform is easy to use

  • Better knowledge sharing

  • Better support

  • AI focus on European languages

  • More relevant features

  • Fast, pragmatic product development

Chatbot workshop at        Advice

Watch how our partner Advice A/S builds chatbots with our software.

Chatbot workshop at       Delegate

“Working with chatbots is a journey – both for us and our customers”

Current Partners

BotXO partner Kraftvaerk logo
BotXO partner Kraftvaerk logo

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